Basic Manicures

Trimming cuticles, cutting down, treat your hand with paraffin, warm towel and massage.

Shellac Manicure $32
Men’s Manicure

All the fixing of a Basic manicure including a sugar scrub treatment for your hands.

Happy Manicure

All the fixing of a Basic manicure including a sugar scrub treatment, and longer massage!

Deluxe Manicure

Just like the Happy Manicure but your hands will be treated like royalty with both of your hands in paraffin with a lower arm mask.

Organic Manicure

The same process as the deluxe manicure but your hands are treated with an organic sea scrub including essential oils.



Basic Pedicure

Nails trimmed and shaped, cuticle grooming, lotion with massage and polish.

Happy Pedicure

In addition to the basic pedi, your feet will be treated with a sugar scrub & an intensive callus treatment, along with paraffin.

Shellac Pedicure $47
Men’s Pedicure  $35
Deluxe Pedicure

In addition to a Happy Pedicure, with a walnut scrub, mineral salt glow, marine mask, paraffin, & foot massage with hot towel wrap.

Hot Stone Pedicure

All the fixing of a Deluxe pedi but with hot stones.

Organic Pedicure

The same process as the deluxe pedi but with organic sea scrub.


Baby soft spa pedicure in a box

Pedi in a box deluxe 4-steps: sea salt soak, sugar scrub, mud masque, massage cream and extended massage.


SNS Dipping Powder

SnS natural dipping powder thinner,light weight, no odor , no liquid no primer. SnS powder is healthier for your nails as it’s enriched with vitamins and calcium!

SNS Full set (colors ) $45+
SNS Overlays with manicure (colors ) $45
SNS Overlay  $40
French Extra $5

Nail Enhancement

Add gel +$15, Long nails +$5


Full Set

Acrylic $30
Pink&White $60
Pink Only  $40
Acrylic Sculpture $50
UV Liquid Gel w/ Reg. polish $45
UV Liquid Gel w/ Gel $55



Acrylic $20
Pink&White $40
Pink Only  $30
UV Liquid Gel $30+


Full Face $35+
Eye Brow $10
Lip  $7
Chin/Cheek $8
Hair Line $15
Full Arm $30+
Half Arm  $25+
Under Arm $8
Bikini $35+
Back $50+
Stomach  $20+
Full Leg $45+
Half Leg $35+

Children Services

11-Year-old & under


Manicure $12
Pedicure $25
Mani/Pedi  $35


Basic Mani/Pedi $42
Happy Mani/Pedi $55
Shellac Mani/Pedi  $75
Men's Mani/Pedi $56
Deluxe Mani/Pedi $65
Organic Mani/Pedi  $85

Additional Services

Nails Arts


Per Toe $3+
Per Finger $2+

Polish Change


Hand $7+
Toes $12+
Shellac Hands/Toes $25

Nail Maintenance


Nails Repair $3+
Nails Removal $5+

Add-On Services


French Mani/Pedi $5+
Foot Massage 10 mins - $12
15 mins - $16